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Subject Re: XSP: caching?
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 14:02:00 GMT

Are you using the ESQL taglib?  If so, are you using a database pool?  If
you aren't using a db pool of some sort, then you are having to login for
every page (or possibly for every query), which can really slow things
down.  How fast are your queries?  Have you timed them separately from your

Please respond to


Subject:  XSP: caching?

I have xsp pages, which does some db selects, creates xml pages, and then
xsl-parsed to html.

This is quite slow, my testpage gets around 0,5 pages/sec. Obvious solution
to cache the pages so it doesn't need to be regenerated for every request.

Looking at, I find that:

1) Cocoon caches the final html result of the request
2) XSL transforms are always cached
3) XSP are by default never cached

It is clear that the xml is always regenerated, but what of the xsl
If the xml to be transformed results from an xsp, are the html result of
transform always regenerated, even when the generated xml is unchanged
last request?

I also tried enabling caching of xsp, adding <util:cacheable/> and the
hasChanged()-method. I now get about 0,6 pages/sec, so something is wrong
(a static version of the testpage gets 10 pages/sec). I suspect the jump
0,5 to 0,6 is just coincidence, and that the pages still aren't cached.
Adding the isCacheable() method made no difference either.

Now, what am I doing wrong?

Versions in use are cocoon 1.8.2, jakarta-tomcat 3.2, apache 1.3.14,
sun jdk 1.2.2, slackware linux 7.1.

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