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From "Gabriele Domenichini" <>
Subject R: General Question about Cocoon
Date Mon, 28 May 2001 08:59:18 GMT
I'm tring to implement that design but I have the same old problem:
How can make users compile the content part of the syste without a tool
which could allow them to make a minimal formatting such as <b/> when word
2000 is such a bad tool to produce xhtml code and there are not good
end-user xhtml tools (I've tried also xmetal and xml spy but they are not
good for my users)?
Does anyone of you have a solution?
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Da: Perry Molendijk []
Inviato: venerdì 25 maggio 2001 16.17
Oggetto: Re: General Question about Cocoon

I am surprised how XSLT is not embraced with more enthusiasm by designers
because it allows them to keep complete control of their designs while
developers can concentrate on producing data to fill in the gaps.

This article at explains a pretty
neat way to make xml / xsl work for designers. I spend a lot of time as
piggy in the middle argueing with designers that over-complex GUIs and bad
html don't make a developers job any easier and on the other side trying to
explain to developers that the addition of a bold dark green font is not
acceptable when the corporate colours are reds and white.

The method /  techniques described by the auther allows designers to use
their fav WYSIWYG tools, of which Dreamweaver is a prefered choice. You can
configure it to produce xhtml and its third party tag config files are a
neat way to add custom tags. Developers produce the data in xml format and
XSL merges it all together.

The latest release of MS xml parser should keep designers happy enough for
previewing their work, while developers can use Cocoon; at the end of the
day we are using standards here and they should be portable :-).

Perry Molendijk

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  From: Ulrich Mayring
  Sent: Friday, May 25, 2001 6:22 PM
  Subject: Re: General Question about Cocoon

  "Piroumian, Konstantin" wrote:
  > They are for different purposes: Dreamweaver or FrontPage are more
  > convenient for page design and layout definition (e.g., to choose a good
  > color scheme) and most web developers use them only to get some HTML
  > them and put into their hand-coded files.

  Exactly. That's why I recommended that the designer sends the developer
  some HTML (in whatever way he produced it) and the developer puts it
  into his hand-coded stylesheet.

  > Cocoon can be useful for a collection of documents too. If you need
  > customized views of your documents, depending on the language, user
  > (browser). Also, you can provide you documents in different formats:
  > WML, PDF, Plain text, even RTF, maybe MS Word and Excel.

  This is a complete application, not merely a document store :)


  Ulrich Mayring
  DENIC eG, Systementwicklung

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