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From "Ernst Nusterer" <>
Subject Cocoon from a servlet
Date Tue, 08 May 2001 14:56:22 GMT
Hello Guys,

I know, it is a big no-no, but I think I have no alternative than calling
Cocoon from a servlet, because our webserver has to deliver the results of
several XSLT-Transformation (i.e. several files) packed together in a jar -
archive (I agree, that is clumsy, but I have no alternative than doing this
right now, and I am working to have another solution in future).

Everything works fine, except there is one problem:

what we did is have a servlet that parses the incomming request, calls
Cocoon that resides on the same webserver (same servlet context, Cocoon 1.8,
call via URL.openConnection() ) for every file that has to be processed,
stores the files, jars them and sends them back.

This works fine, except that Cocoon seems to accumulate memory on the heap,
so that after approx. 180. calls the servlet engine (tomcat) receives an out
of memory error.

If I process the same request, but do not call Cocoon, everything runs
smoothly more than 1000 times...

Is there any chance to call Cocoon, eg. via RequestDispatcher, etc, without
leaving memory on the heap?

I know, this is clumsy, but I seem to have no other choice right now.

Thanks for your help (which I really need),


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