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From "Tony" <>
Subject RE: XMLFragment
Date Thu, 10 May 2001 17:23:33 GMT
> > That why using beans in a XSP page is a pain. Cocoon probably
> hasen't been
> > originaly designed for this.
> can you elaborate on this?

Well, say you modify one of your object called by a XSP page. You'll then
have to touch this XSP page to force recompile in order to see the
modifications you've made on it. If you've 20 XSP page using the same bean,
you'll have to touch all of them, or restart Cocoon... Correct ?

This is not very developper friendly...

In the other hands, Cocoon will know changes you've made to your logicsheets
and stylesheets _without_  the need touching the main xml page.

- Tony.

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