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From "Pablo Bendersky" <>
Subject XMLFragments, esql
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 12:00:11 GMT
I'm having a little problem.
I'd like to make some selects from a database, which should look like:
dep1	emp1
dep2	emp3

and so on. I know esql provides me nested queries, and I find them very
useful. Anyway, in this case the sql statement is a little complex, so we
have defined a view in the database. I still know I can split the view and
work with nested queries, but as I also want to learn a little, I wanted to
make an XMLFragment which can make the query (Based on an id) and return the
XML as I want.
My question now is:
How can I access (Which class, some example, maybe) the database in the same
way esql does. I mean, I still want to use the same database pool esql uses,
and the same connection parameters defined no the cocoon.xconf file.

Thanks a lot !

	Pablo Bendersky

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