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From "Pablo Bendersky" <>
Subject Absolute path inside XSL file
Date Thu, 31 May 2001 12:40:12 GMT
Hello !
I have an XSL file I use as a common frame for lots of generated HTML, which
are located on different directories. That's why I want to use absolute
paths inside that XSL.

Suppose my structure is:
Then inside I have a subsitemap:
which uses the common frame

In the sub sitemap I have some matchings for the images, something like
   <map:match pattern="img/lang/**.jpg">
    <map:act type="lang-select">
     <map:read src="resources/img/{lang}/{../1}.jpg" mime-type="image/jpg"/>
to have languaje aware images, so, frame.xsl calls "img/lang/hello.jpg".

Ok, as I want to use absolute paths, the only way I found to is writing

Is there another way to do it ? Relative to the current sitemap would be
better, I think.

Thanks a lot !

	Pablo Bendersky

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