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From "daniel smith" <>
Subject Re: Looking for a page description language
Date Wed, 23 May 2001 11:29:54 GMT
Hi. I don't know if this might help you, but the closest thing I've seen to 
Cocoon (and I'm no expert) seems to be UIML. It is something developed 
at/around VA Tech. Check it out at Good luck.


>From: Tobias Kiesling <>
>Subject: Looking for a page description language
>Date: Tue, 22 May 2001 11:02:50 +0200
>Hi all,
>I am a student and I need some help for a paper I am writing. I would like 
>compare a system I developed with the help of cocoon (especially the
>architecture of that system) to similar systems. But first let me explain 
>system we developed:
>In the scope of a university course we implemented a simple web information
>system with the help of Cocoon. This surely is no production system, but
>rather more academic. We tried very hard to have an extreme separation
>between content, logic and style (this is what cocoon is about). This led 
>the creation of an XML language that should represent the pages to be
>returned to the client, before fetching data from the database and
>transforming the document to the proper transformation medium (we used HTML
>and WML).  The language was created as a more abstract view on a web page
>that should be independant of the particular presentation media, but 
>enough to model all possible items that could be present on a web page.
>Additionally the language had to be independant of the underlying data 
>(i.e. the structure of the data fetched from the database).
>The language can be regarded as a kind of generic page description language
>that could be used to model any kind of web page (of course this is an
>unproofed claim!).
>My question is, does anybody of you have developed a similar language for
>similar purposes. I think that a variant of such a language is needed in
>almost every system that uses cocoon, even the samples in the cocoon
>distribution use such a page description language. What I am looking for is 
>language that is generic enough to be used with every type of presentation
>medium (HTML, WML, VoiceXML, Braille, etc.), but is independant of all 
>media and additionally is independant of the data model of the data to be
>presented in this page.
>I have already been looking around for any trace of such a language, but I
>didn't find any. If someone of you has developed a similar language, or 
>of it, please let me know.
>I would really appreciate any help on this!
>Thanks in advance,
>   Tobias
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