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Subject ESQL Cocoon problem
Date Mon, 14 May 2001 07:17:22 GMT
Some one please help.

I have a problem with the HTML table being cut off in my combined XML/XSL
file.  I use ESQL tags and do a query (The query does work properly in
Oracle SQL Plus.) in our Oracle database.  Using Cocoon, I put the column
results into a HTML table and the data is cut off at some point in the
table.  Also when I look at the raw data coming through, the data gets cut
of at about row 30 and there should be about 200 rows displayed from the
query.  In my select statement I query 3 columns.  When I comment out the
2nd column of the HTML table all the data (minus that column) are presented
in the combined XML file OK.  In summary, Cocoon is not able to display all
the data that is presented by the query using ESQL tags?  Why is this?  Have
there been similar problems reported?  Is there a fix?

System specifications:

Operating system: Win NT 4.0
Servlet engine: J-Run 3.00.3694
Cocoon version: 1.8.2
JDK version: 1.2.2
Browser: IE 5.50.4522.1800


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