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From "Polley Christopher W" <>
Subject init() and destroy() in XSP
Date Fri, 04 May 2001 14:16:56 GMT
Hello, all:

I have an XSP page in which  I would like to do some setup (open JDBC
connection, create prepared statements) upon instantiation and cleanup
(close ps's and connection) upon destruction.

In its previous life as a jsp page, it used jspInit() and jspDestroy(), and
in a servlet it could use init() and destroy().

I found XSPPage.init(parameters), which I can override to do the
initialization, but I am unclear on the tail end of the xsp life cycle.  How
& when is it destroyed (in Cocoon 1.8.1) ?  How is this type of thing done
in XSP?

I suppose that in this case, in which I am only doing JDBC stuff, I could
try the sql taglib, but am unclear on how that would be done.  Can
<?cocoon-process type="sql"?> safely be placed ahead of <?cocoon-process
type="xsp"?>? What would the resultant xsp-servlet look like?


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