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From Peter Royal <>
Subject [C2] Adding custom Avalon components
Date Fri, 04 May 2001 16:07:43 GMT
(If this needs to go to the dev list let me know, I've subbed to that also. 
I'm uncertain as to where usage questions belong at the moment)

I'm working on re-writing a legacy application (originally in Basic2C for 
the wang!) with cocoon. I've got a simple prototype up and working in C1 
and now i'm porting that to C2 before starting full-fledged development.

In C1 I had a single producer that handled everything. Upon its 
initialization I would add a custom Actor to the director. Obviously that 
is no longer a valid approach in C2 :)

I've figured out that I need to create my own avalon-based component. From 
reading the C2-dev list archives, I've figured out that I need to define a 
role and then provide a class to implement it (info from I see 
that C2 has its roles defined in cocoon.roles, and then pulls the actors 
for those roles from cocoon.xconf.

I'd like to have my component created and added to the component manager 
when cocoon inits. I realize that I could add my component information to 
both the .roles and .xconf file, but since the .roles file in buried in the 
cocoon source tree (and thus in the jar for deployment).

So, my question is, what is the sanctioned way of added new roles to the 
system? If there isn't one, any suggestions/recommendations on how I should 
go about writing that patch? :)

peter royal ->
managing partners, inc. ->

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