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From Chris Cosentino <>
Subject Tomcat/Cocoon Install on Win32 Note...
Date Tue, 22 May 2001 22:11:45 GMT
if this is the right place to post this or not, but it may be helpful to
add a note to the <b>install doc</b> to the effect that if Tomcat is
placed in or under a directory that has spaces in its name (i.e. Program
Files), then the CLASSPATH is not dynamically generated when Tomcat
starts. Since the CLASSPATH is not dynamically generated the *.jar files
from the Cocoon distribution are not loaded, and you get 404's for any
XML page you try to load through Tomcat.<br>
it worse is that no indication is given in the logs that the reason for
the 404's is because the Cocoon jar files are not being loaded. It just
tells you that the *.xml file does not exist, while glady serving up an
xsl file sitting right next to it.<br>
There are two ways to solve this problem:<br>
1) Move your Tomcat installation into a path that has no spaces in its
directory names (i.e. C:\apps\tomcat\). This way the CLASSPATH can be
dynamically generated and it automatically includes any *.jar file in the
%TOMCAT_HOME%/lib directory. <br>
2) Edit the %TOMCAT_HOME%/bin/tomcat.bat file and add the *.jar entries
from Cocoon. This is done under the &quot;:staticClasspath&quot; section
of the bat file.<br>
Example tomcat.bat for people who stuck their Tomcat installation in or
under a directory name that has spaces...<br>
echo Setting your CLASSPATH statically.<br>
if exist &quot;%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\ant.jar&quot; set
if exist &quot;%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\jasper.jar&quot; set
if exist &quot;%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\jaxp.jar&quot; set
if exist &quot;%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\parser.jar&quot; set
if exist &quot;%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\servlet.jar&quot; set
if exist &quot;%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\webserver.jar&quot; set
echo Adding New CLASSPATH entries for Cocoon.<br>
if exist &quot;%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\cocoon.jar&quot; set
if exist &quot;%TOMCAT_HOME%\lib\xml.jar&quot; set
and so on for all of the jar files you copied over from the Cocoon
Hope this helps someone...<br>
<div>Chris Cosentino</div>
<div>Cisco Systems, Inc.</div>
&lt;<a href="" EUDORA=AUTOURL></a>&gt;

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