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From Samuel ARNOD-PRIN <>
Subject Cocoon 1.8.3-dev !!
Date Wed, 30 May 2001 13:23:02 GMT
Can anyone tell me what changed in that new version ???
I was told to look in the faq but there is no answer to my question :

I want to print a '>' or a space ='&nbsp;' in my HTML !!

With cocoon 1.8.2 there was no problem !! I put &amp;nbsp; into my XSL
file, but now If I do this, I get &amp;nbsp; into my HTML !!
The same for my &gt; that became >... now it stays &gt;..
my xsl-whitespace that I added to make my code clearer... they are all
again in the html file... 

can anyone help me ?? There is no problem if a &gt; is in the <script>
tag !!

help help help !!

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