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From Alessandro Marcellini <>
Subject Js problem with Cocoon & MacOS
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 14:34:34 GMT
Hi All,
I've a problem with Cocoon 1 with Tomcat321 and Apache on a Linux
This is the story:
I've a html page with some call to javascript function that are saved in
a proper file
and included in the html page with the proper syntax as sugested in the
(<script language="Javascript" src="menu.js"></script>).
So, if I name this page page.html and try to visualize in IE on MacOS
there are no problems, but if  I name the file page.xml (so Cocoon parse
it!) the javascript
works no more!
All this only for IE on MacOS, for ex. on Netscape on MacOS there are no
problems, as in IE or netscape in other platform.

So this is the question:
Writes Cocoon something that IE on MacOS may misundertand?
What adds Cocoon to a "simple" html page?
I see that Cocoon, before the <html> tag inserts a doctype declaration:
May this generate some problem?
Have someone some suggetion to debug this problem?

Thank's in advance

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