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From Mike Hojnowski <>
Subject DOM Level 1 ahead of DOM Level 2
Date Wed, 09 May 2001 14:25:23 GMT
I installed cocoon with the JRun 3.0 servlet engine from Allaire and,
when  referencing http://localhost/cocoon/samples/index.xml as indicated
in the Cocoon documentation, I received the NoSuchMethodError.  I
followed the instructions at, first renaming parser.jar
in the JRun/lib/ext, then removing it, and still got NoSuchMethodError.
Then I removed parser.jar from my jdk1.2.2/jre/lib/ext, at which point
JRun failed to start.  So I've switched to using tomcat for now.

I think this is may be a case where the servlet engine requires a DOM
Level 1 parser ahead of the DOM Level 2 parser.

I installed cocoon with JRun as follows:
1. mkdir .../JRun/lib/cocoon and add it to the jrun.classpath in
2. copy the required cocoon .jar files to .../JRun/lib/cocoon
3. create a JRun web-app named "cocoon" in the default server and map
the ".xml" suffix to org.apache.cocoon.Cocoon
4. copy web.xml from .../cocoon-1.8.2/WEB-INF to
.../JRun/servers/default/cocoon/WEB-INF and update the path to
5. copy from .../cocoon-1.8.2/lib to

If there is a work-around for this, please let me know.



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