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From Miles Elam <>
Subject Cocoon2 as the default handler
Date Sat, 19 May 2001 16:41:47 GMT
The setup that I'm working toward is one where TUX* is
the entry point and Tomcat/Cocoon2 is the dynamic

I have set up TUX already in that it takes connectiosn
from port 80 and redirects them to port 8080 (Tomcat).
When used in the standard fashion as a WAR file,
Cocoon works fine in this setup (minus a couple of bad
redirections, but nothing serious).

My question is how to I replace catalina with Cocoon2
as the default handler for Tomcat?  Since I have TUX,
catalina becomes redundant, and since most of my
content will be Cocoon-based, I'd like it to serve as
the default handler.

(1) Is this possible and (2) is this possible while
still having the JSP and SSI handlers work normally?

So far I have tried to simply replace the catalina
references in conf/web.xml to Cocoon2 references and
changed Cocoon2's lookup name from cocoon to default. 
All this got me was a server that started up but never
served content.

Any ideas?

By the way, if possible, a TUX->Tomcat->Cocoon setup
has the potential to blow the doors off anything else
out there.  Note: Static content gets served at
breakneck speeds which solves many of the worries
about Tomcat's inherent web serving performance and
removes the requirement for Apache->jk_mod
configuration (By comparison, TUX is a snap to

- Miles


* TUX is a kernel-based web server for Linux that
handles static content and some dynamic content
ridiculously fast.

General Setup Info
RedHat 7.1 w/ XFS patch from SGI
TUX 2.0
Cocoon2 from CVS
Tomcat 4.0-b5
IBM JSDK 1.3.0
AMD Athlon 800MHz
128MB RAM (soon to be more)

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