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From Tae Grt <>
Subject [C1][XSLT][Caching] patch
Date Sat, 12 May 2001 20:44:03 GMT
Hello, evrybody!
Glad to write to the list again after a long-long

Here i have found a situation when caching system for
C1 fails. (I know that C1 apps may be already "legacy"
stuff :-), but still there are some..)

Here: if we have

a.xml  --depend-->  c.xsl
b.xml  --depend-->  c.xsl

with current version of
if we first ask for a.xml then caching switches on for
it. But if we next ask for b.xml then the caching will
not switch on for it. The reason is b.xml request
won't get into requestMonitor in
and hence this monitor will always say that b.xml has

Here's a diff to fix that.

There's also an issue with cleaning this monitor, so
i propose a second diff. It contains the fix plus a
comment explaining this issue.

Thanks for attention, guys!
Hope i'll soon be C2 too ;-)

Best regards, Tagunov Anthony

P.S. could you please cc replies to this message to
me personally?

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