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From Jiri Luzny <>
Subject C2 in JMS environment
Date Thu, 10 May 2001 06:52:20 GMT
Hi Folks,

We are just looking for a presentation engine for our new messaging platform based on JMS
Cocoon2 seems to be very interesting possibility, but I don't know how C2 would exactly fit
to our
The architecture looks like this:

    |--------|  |----------|  |------------|  |------|
    |JMS     |  |Logic     |  |Presentation|  |JMS   |
IN->|Reciever|->|Controller|->|Processing  |->|Sender|->OUT
    |--------|  |----------|  |------------|  |------|  

I tried to translate it to C2 architecture in the following way:

    |---------|  |---------|  |------------|  |-------------|
    |Generator|  |Actions  |  |Transformer,|  |The Generator|
IN->|         |->|         |->|Serializer? |->|again?       |->OUT
    |-------- |  |---------|  |------------|  |-------------|  

I'm not sure this will work.
First of all, 
does C2 work without a servlet container (e.g. invoked from javax.jms.MessageListener)?
How do I translate data(XML) of incoming JMS message and send them to C2 engine?
How can I get the transformed data back from C2 engine in order to send the message somewhere
A simple solution would also be: to store XML from the incoming JMS message to a filesystem
webapp dir) -> to invoke command line version of C2 -> to read transformed file from
filesystem and send it then... It is not elegant and performance... :-(
Does anybody have an experience with Cocoon2 + JMS?

I appreciate any comment...


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