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From "flourish" <>
Subject [C2] where is cocoon.avalon?
Date Sat, 12 May 2001 18:26:10 GMT
    Where are org.apache.cocoon.avalon.* and
org.apache.cocoon.CocoonComponentSelector?  I wanted to take a look at the
DataSourceComponent that's mentioned on the cocoon datasources page, but I
can't find any of this stuff in the source.  I can't find a
DataSourceComponent java or class file anywhere on my system.  And I've run
into this elsewhere.  Where is this stuff coming from?  Does this just look
like it's implemented?
    I'm finding it incredibly difficult to understand how cocoon is calling
components and how parameters are being passed around.  Am I not
understanding something about the avalon framework?  I've been pouring over
the c2 docs and examples and code for a few weeks now, and there's still a
lot of really basic stuff that I just can't make sense of.


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