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From Jörg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: HTML in XML Content
Date Wed, 30 May 2001 11:31:58 GMT
If the HTML-code is well-formed, then there should be no problem. The only 
tags causing problems are the non-closed tags like
<img src="..." alt="...">.

And you may not interleave your tags like
<b> any text in bold, <i> in bold and italic, </b> only in italic </i>,
because this is not well-formed.

Hope this helps.


> > My problem is like this:
> We have a dB with our content in, the content have some styling tags in
> like <b></b> etc.
> I would like to know if it is possible for cocoon to serve the data with
> trying to interpret the html tags.
> If any one beleives we should do it differently? any ideas will help.
> This is in reference with for insatance webEditor that can create some html
> code through using an iframe.  This gives any one with access to the
> internet the ability to publish content, but they want the ability to BIU
> Thanks for any help / suggestions
> Tinus Rautenbach
> Mantis Networks
> --------------------
> 082 806 9616

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