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From "Matteo Colombo" <>
Subject Re: How to map this on Cocoon?
Date Wed, 16 May 2001 07:52:50 GMT
>if I got the point, what is not to easy from the text, you can import XML-A
>to XML-B (or the other way round) and aplly xslt-A to it. That builds XML-C
>and adds the processing-instructions for apllying the stylesheet xslt-b to
Thanks Sascha!
I try to explain me better
The point is that XML-A contains data from which I will create XSLT-A to
apply to XML-B.
The problem is that situation is not a "traditional" Cocoon pipeline, there
are two pipelines that are joined:

First pipeline: XML-A --> somethig that capture data and generate XSLT-A -->
Second pipeline: XML-B --> XSLT-A.

Is it possible to do this with Cocoon?

Sorry for my terrible english.

Cheers MAtteo

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