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From "Mark McGettrick" <>
Subject Re: new spin on old xsp error?
Date Tue, 08 May 2001 03:32:40 GMT
From: "Donald Ball" <>

> well, this is just your logicsheet, presumably there's also an xsp page
> it operates on, but i see errors:

> >                 StringBuffer sbCols = new StringBuffer();
> >                 sbCols.append(<fname>);
> >                 sbCols.append(rs.getString(2));
> >                 sbCols.append(</fname>);
> >                 sbCols.append(<lname>);
> >                 sbCols.append(rs.getString(3));
> >                 sbCols.append(</lname>);
> >                 sbCols.append(<email>);
> >                 sbCols.append(rs.getString(4));
> >                 sbCols.append(</email>);
> this isn't the way that you create elements in xsp. read the xsp docs. you
> might also want to try using the esql logicsheet.

i know about esql... i've read the XSP docs. this is a simple example of
other things i have planned that require greater code control than esql
allows. so, other than the fact that you don't agree with what i'm doing can
you make any determinations regarding exactly what is causing my error?
_that_ would be useful.

a helpful reply would go something like this: "hey! you're getting the error
because line 5 of your code is missing a magical character. add that and
you'll be all set!".


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