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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: xml to pdf report generation?? Sample XML/XSL:FO/PDF
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2001 14:05:34 GMT
At 1:54 PM +0200 17/4/01, Ulrich Mayring wrote:
>Anyway, I was asking for a sample that shows how to produce PDF links
>and it doesn't seem to contain any, so you don't have to resend it :)

If you have a fully qualified external link use something like this:

	<xsl:template match="a">

For an internal link, instead of the attribute "external-destination" use
"internal-destination", set to the "id" of a fo:block ie.

	<fo:basic-link internal-destination="blah.blah">Blah</fo:basic-link>


	<fo:block id="blah.blah">arrive here</fo:block>

Hope this helps

regards Jeremy

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