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From Donald Ball <>
Subject RE: Need "disable-output-escaping" or alternative
Date Wed, 25 Apr 2001 20:12:48 GMT
On Wed, 25 Apr 2001, William Bagby wrote:

> > yes. parse the data as xml or html. try esql:get-xml, or try
> > using jtidy.
> That's just it.  I don't *want* to parse it.  I would like to simply take
> and HTML fragment and pass it through "as-is".  I was under the impression
> that this is one of the reasons for putting text in a CDATA block. Of course
> it could be that our definition of "parse" is different. I did look at the
> esql:get-xml code, but it uses xspParser.parse(), which also escapes ALL
> special characters, which isn't what I want.

passing through that data as-is isn't possible with cocoon. parsing
doesn't mean escaping special characters by any means - parsing means
interpreting the text stream as xml data. that will allow your xml
fragments to become part of the xml tree, not simply a text node filled
with a bunch of entities.

> > if you're adamant about using disable-output-escaping, you may want to
> > ignore cocoon and just call an xslt processing directly in your servlet.
> The only thing I am adamant about is solving my problem.  It's clear to me
> now that "disable-output-escaping" is not the way to go, at least within a
> Cocoon framework.  But Cocoon works wonderfully well for the other 95%, so
> I'm hesitant to simply ignore it.

try esql:get-xml and use the fake a root node option. that might do you
well. or, again, you might try patch esql to use jtidy to support an
esql:get-html tag.

- donald

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