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From "Arne Borkowski \(\)" <>
Subject RE: Pure XML file access.
Date Fri, 20 Apr 2001 19:59:51 GMT

> I'm using apache and tomcat server, and installed
> cocoon 1.8.2. 

so do I

> However, when I try to access XML file that is under
> the document root directory of apache, I got the file
> not find error. 

I assume you have JkMount /*.xml ajp13 in you httpd.conf 
(maybe ajp12 instead of ajp13)

> I then put the XML file under the cocoon installation 
> directory, and I can access then. 

The problem is, that Tomcat requires you to have a context
that points to the htdocs directory of apache. I added a 
root context in the [tomcat_home]/conf/server.xml file
and restarted Tomcat and Apache. I can now access *.xml
in the Apache root and below.

This may not be the best solution at all, however it 
works fine for my needs.

> Thanks in advance.

My pleasure


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