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From "sudhir muthal" <>
Subject Re: page section links
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2001 10:01:28 GMT

>From: "Pier Paolo Bortone" Reply-To: To: 
>Subject: page section links Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2001 11:34:49 +0200
>I've tried to point to a section of my page. I've wrote 
>but in my xsl page the params are lost.
>If I remove the #section1 part
>then all works fine but I don't obtain the result that I wish.
>How can I obtain the wished result?
>Thanks for your time.
>Pier Paolo.

Hello Everybody there

I have similar problem. Can anyone please tell me what xpath I should use to 
edit xml file using fp taglib. Here is My sample xml file.

<?cocoon-process type="xslt"?>
<title>My Title</title>
<para1>When you have a question about a Microsoft Office program, you can 
ask the Office Assistant.</para1>

<para1>If the correct topic doesn't appear in the Assistant balloon, click 
None of the above, look for more help on the Web at the bottom of the list 
of topics.</para1>

<para1>You will get suggestions on how to phrase a question to the Office 
Assistant or how to narrow your search by using keywords.</para1>

<para1>If you still can't find the information you want, you can send 
feedback to improve future versions of Help and be automatically connected 
to the Microsoft Office Update Web site to search for help there.</para1>

I want to select second <para1> inside <prisection2> for editing purpose.

Is there any solution for this
Thanks in advance.
Sudhir Muthal

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