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From "Frans Thamura" <>
Subject Cocoon performance slow if use mor than 3 XSL
Date Sat, 07 Apr 2001 04:50:30 GMT
Dear All,

I need your help, may be your advise can solve my problem.

I try to access 3 XSLs (2 XSP) from 1 XML and the performance is drastically 
down.. the compile time is more than 5 times more.. for information 2 XSLs 
are using XSP, but if I used 1 XSP and 1 XSL only, it is fast....

This is the flow of my script.
X.XML -> A.xsl -> B.xsl -> C.xsl -> final HTML (problem here)

Y.XML -> B.xsl -> C.xsl -> final HTML (fast..great)

Z.XML -> C.xsl -> final HTML (fast..great)

C.xsl 100% pure XSL syntax., A.xml and B.xml are used XSP with beans 

the problem happen in when I call x.xml, but never happen in Y.xml or Z.xml

The scenario:
I create and XML with
<descriptor names="section" >
<references name="sub_section"/>
<descriptor names="category" >
<references name="sub_category"/>

and this XML have will be use A.xsl, this XSL will change the references tag 
become option tag.
<descriptor ...>
<option ...>
<option ...>

and output of this process is XML and will used B.xsl, this means, the B.xsl 
will add new attribute value in every option tag.

After that the final XML will be:
<descriptor ....>
<option name="test1" value="descriptrion1"/>
<option name="test1" value="descriptrion1"/>

and C.xsl will translate the tag become HTML..

Why do I choose this solution?. Because several of my script no need B.xsl, 
and several of my XML only need A.xsl only..

Is there XSP compiler, like JSPC???



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