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From Wang Yong <>
Subject Can cocoon handle big xml file?
Date Thu, 05 Apr 2001 15:59:39 GMT

I have many XML-logfiles in a web server. I would like to write a web
application so that user can search in these logfiles through a web browser
and the result should be shown as a HTML page. The users should be able to
set their search criterions and select which logfiles they would like to
search in through the web application.

I want to merge all of the XML-logfiles which the user has seleced to one
big XML file using a servlet, and then using cocoon (xsp and xsl) to
the output HTML page according to the search criterions. The merged XML file
is very big (usually 10-30MB, sometimes up to 100MB). The output HTML page
can also be very big (in worse cases it can be also about 30MB). My question
is now: can cocoon deal with such big xml files? Or is there another better
way to do this job.

I have done some simple performance tests at my pc (pentium III 700, 128MB,
NT4, cocoon 1.8) It took 12908 milliseconds for processing xsl matching for
a 2MB XML file using cocoon. When I tried it with a 5 MB xml file, it took
almost endless, and then javaw crashed.

How big can a xml file be, so that it is still meaningful to use cocoon
(xsp and xsl)?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Yong Wang

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