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From Sandor Spruit <>
Subject [C1] Detailed question about creating a custom logicsheet
Date Tue, 24 Apr 2001 10:32:08 GMT


In short: I've written a custom logicsheet in order to process
some custom XSP elements (headers, footers), used in various
XSP pages across my experimental site. Can I introduce elements
via this logicsheet, say ESQL elements, to be processed by some
subsequent XSP processing step ? If so, what pitfalls are there?

Example: my logicsheet expands a "header" tag in my own namespace
to a series of ESQL tags. Upon processing, these tags gets replaced
by database query statements that insert information about the current
user at the top of the page. Sounds reasonable, right ? Any ideas ?


ir A.G.L. Spruit, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Institute of information and computing sciences
"There is a bit of magic in everything, and then some
loss to even things out" (from: Lou Reed, "Magic and Loss")

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