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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: integrating c2 and struts
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2001 13:00:48 GMT
Jon Brisbin wrote:
> blah> I had similar thoughts, but the deeper I got into C2 the more
> blah> I reallized
> blah> that Struts does not appear to be neccesary.  You already get MVC type
> blah> activity with C2 Actions, you get xbeans, you can create
> blah> taglibs.  What more
> blah> do you need?
> i guess i really like the action, form, and jsp bean approach in struts and
> would put my  client for ejb session beans in jsp session beans, just like
> the folks do on another project i'm working on...i would output xml in
> jsp...

And Cocoon 2 has Action, Session, Beans, Components, whatever you would like...
Perhaps that Cocoon would benefit from a JSP Generator (modeled after the
PHP Generator).  It just seems heavy handed to me.

> i also wanted the flexibility to not have to completely re-write my
> application if some version of cocoon changes again like the c1/c2 leap and
> my app wasn't portable...just the front-end xsl transformation on that
> one...

>From what I understand, Struts is pretty dynamic with the API itself.  Cocoon 1
vs. Cocoon 2 is a generational leap.  Cocoon 2 took all the lessons learned
using Cocoon 1 and applied solutions to them.  The transition was a revolutionary
one as opposed to an evolutionary one due to the paradigm shift.  I highly doubt
we will be looking at revolutionary change again for a long time.  We have it
pretty close to right, and it is a matter of evalution to get completely right.
Besides, with the current technology, we can completely rewrite whole sections
of code, and it won't affect you.

There was a lot learned in the process, and a lot more to learn.  But I think
Cocoon 2 is a bit closer.

> i also wanted the flexibility of handling disparate methods of generating
> dynamic xml for possible future projects, adaptations, and implementations
> of my cocoon software...that way i can get xml source data from joe blow's
> office/department through an isdn/satellite modem/cable modem/t1/lan/etc...
> and still have one central cocoon front-end :-)

No sweat man!  All we need is a Generator to handle that case (perhaps a
URIGenerator?) that would pull XML from a URL and parse it.  With aggregation,
you can embed that output in a larger page.

> blah> I originally thought that I was going to have to write my own
> blah> Generators,
> blah> but now I'm not so sure.
> i was just thinking that today, actually!  glad to hear i probably wouldn't
> have to go that route!

In 9 out of 10 cases, you don't need to hand write Generators--XSP does a fine
job of that for you.

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