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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject JspGenerator (was Re: integrating c2 and struts)
Date Fri, 27 Apr 2001 07:47:15 GMT

Jon Brisbin a écrit :
> blah> I had similar thoughts, but the deeper I got into C2 the more
> blah> I reallized
> blah> that Struts does not appear to be neccesary.  You already get MVC type
> blah> activity with C2 Actions, you get xbeans, you can create
> blah> taglibs.  What more
> blah> do you need?
> i guess i really like the action, form, and jsp bean approach in struts and
> would put my  client for ejb session beans in jsp session beans, just like
> the folks do on another project i'm working on...i would output xml in
> jsp...
> i also wanted the flexibility to not have to completely re-write my
> application if some version of cocoon changes again like the c1/c2 leap and
> my app wasn't portable...just the front-end xsl transformation on that
> one...
> i also wanted the flexibility of handling disparate methods of generating
> dynamic xml for possible future projects, adaptations, and implementations
> of my cocoon software...that way i can get xml source data from joe blow's
> office/department through an isdn/satellite modem/cable modem/t1/lan/etc...
> and still have one central cocoon front-end :-)
> blah> I originally thought that I was going to have to write my own
> blah> Generators,
> blah> but now I'm not so sure.
> i was just thinking that today, actually!  glad to hear i probably wouldn't
> have to go that route!
> i appreciate your input, thanks!
> jb
If you want to use existing nice JSP taglibs like Struts (or, like me,
the Jive Forum taglibs found at in C2, you can use the
brand new JspGenerator that Davanum Srinivas (thanks for it, Dims) added

Cocoon is rapidly becoming the ultimate integration platform :
JspGenerator, ScriptGenerator (i.e. JavaScript, VisualBasic, Perl, etc),
PhpGenerator, VelocityGenerator, xxxGenerator... I love it !! 

Sylvain Wallez
Anyware Technologies -

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