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From Mike Bowler <>
Subject Forwarding requests
Date Sat, 14 Apr 2001 20:13:23 GMT
I have a situation where the user requests a specific url but I want to
return one of a couple of completely different pages based on some
criteria on the server.   This means different stylesheets as well as
different xml documents.  If I was writing this with JSP's then I would
use the jsp:forward tag to pass control off to a different page.

A simple example would be a search screen.  If multiple results are
returned from a search then we want to display a list of results but if
only one result is returned then we want to jump straight to the details
for that item.  Completely different xml and xsl.

I've been looking through the docs but I don't see how to do this with
cocoon.  Doing the check is easy with xsp's but  I can't see how I can
return a different xml file than the one requested.

Any suggestions?

Mike Bowler
Principal, Gargoyle Software Inc.
Voice: (416) 822-0973 | Email  :
Fax  : (416) 822-0975 | Website:

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