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From Ulrich Mayring <>
Subject Re: 4 New Classes
Date Mon, 09 Apr 2001 08:44:54 GMT
Claude Warren wrote:
> I have written 2 new classes.
> AggregatingProducer - used to aggregate static (or infrequently chaning)
> XML pages into a single page.  This is handy if you have documents that
> are combined with infrastructure elements to create standard pages which
> contain a mixture of static and active (current time for example)
> elements.  Conceptually it is like a "make" for xml pages.  I use this
> on a site that should be public soon to combine documents created by a
> content editor with elements to create a standard display.  The
> resulting XML document is stored on disk for quick retrieval later.
> This producer works correctly in front of the XSP classes.

Does it pick up changes to the source XML files automatically? What is
the advantage of using a producer instead of doing it all in XSP?

> HAUtilProcessor - a class that uses a plug in paradigm to provide an
> extensible processor. I have uses this to develop a system specific time
> class <hautil:time>, an include class <hautil:include> that works with
> the AggregatingProducer, a navigation class <hautil:navigation> to
> produce an active navigation panel, a backlinks class <hautil:backlinks>
> to create a series of links to directories up the document tree,
> parameter <hautil:parameter> and header <hautil:header> classes to
> retrieve parameters and headers from the servlet request.

Shouldn't this be an XSP taglib, too? Why a processor?

> HAFormProcessor - a class that processes <haform:> tags to create online
> forms.  The result of the post operation is a document that has a
> structure based on the structure and names of the <haform> elements in
> the original document.  The processor has the ability to hide data from
> the form (not on the form at all) but include those data on the document
> that results from the post operation.

Interesting, I'll look at it. However, IMHO it should also be an XSP
taglib, so XSP features can be used within it.

> I hope to have the code and documentation available on
> sometime soon.

Cool, tell us when the docs and samples are ready.


Ulrich Mayring
DENIC eG, Systementwicklung

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