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From David Allen <>
Subject Paramters for by xml source and xsl stylesheet
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2001 08:40:03 GMT
I am developing an XML based web site and currently have it working on
PWS using asp. My problem is I am working on xml file B with stylesheet
B and I want to pass the parameters for xml file A and stylesheet A and
receive back the derived html which is then displayed in another window.
This works fine with asp that I call from javascript using the
appropriate url and attaching the file name parameters to the url.
The asp code is as follows:

<%@ LANGUAGE=JScript %>
<% Response.Buffer = "True"; %>
  var xmlFile = Request.QueryString("fxmli"); 
 var xslFile = Request.QueryString("fxsli"); 
     var xmlDocument =
     var xslDocument =

I am now having to port the site over to Apache/Cocoon and need to use
XSP (I think!) to do the same thing.  I would be grateful for advice on
how to do this. I have read the faq on sending parameters to identify
David Allen
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