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From "Piroumian, Konstantin" <>
Subject Re: [C2] I18nTransformer
Date Fri, 13 Apr 2001 13:32:15 GMT
> > Hi, cocooners!
> >
> > Does anybody use the I18nTransformer in Cocoon 2?
> > Will it be improved to implement all the Infozone group's I18nProcessor
> > features, such as: attribute translation, param substitution? (will it
> > support all features and syntax from the Infozone group i18n proposal?)
> Nobody ever stated to use or improve it. But of course if you would like
> to volunteer to improve it your are very welcome.

Ok. If we decide to use it in our project then I'll improve it and post
improved version to cocooners for testing and further improvement

> >
> > Also, I have a question about language determination. Is it possible to
> > the choosed language in session or a cookie with the I18nTransformer or
> > have to do it with XSP or an action?
> Honestly I have no idea how the i18nTransformer works.

I've solved that problem already. To store the lang param in session you'll
need a created session before transformation occurs. To store in a cookie
you'll need to implement it manually.
It is very useful for multilanguage site creation. You simply wrap all your
language dependent parts into <i:tr> tags (I would change it into
<i18n:text>) and they are replaced by according data from the dictionary

Is there anybody except me who is also interested in it or I am the only
potential volunteer?


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