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From "Piroumian, Konstantin" <>
Subject Re: 4 New Classes
Date Tue, 17 Apr 2001 12:58:01 GMT
> >
> > The Schema validation is not enough for real use. There is no dependency
> > checks, constraints (like readonly) and some other things that are
> > in commercial products. I think, that must be possibility to use a
> > class for validation, e.g.: <form
> > validator="" />.
> I think Schema validation is enough for most cases. If you require more,
> you can use any of a number of plug-in architectures, like Schema
> Adjuncts or so.

I am not familiar with it, is that a part of XML Schema specification?

> > XForms goes far than XML-Schema for the data model representation.
> Another reason why I don't like XForms - it doesn't play well with
> existing standards.

Standarts of what?

> > As I said
> > before the XML Schema is not enough for it. Also, XForms have a good
> > extendable UI description mechanism and it is quite enough in most
> On one hand XForms says, they merely provide (yet another) meta-layer
> for UI description. On the other hand they make restrictions on
> implementations, e.g. it requires its own processor, so can't be
> integrated well into, say, Cocoon. XForms is IMHO not very elegant.

I don't quite understand what do they mean by processor - what is the
purpose of it and how it will work. As I understand, XForms are closer to
XHTML forms and supposed to replace them in browsers. But I like ideas that
they used to separate presentation and data. I treat XForms as a unified
form description meta-language. I think that everybody in web development
deals with forms and everybody has his own meta-language, so why don't use a

> > What it does not address is the workflow and application
> > But it is not the XForms purpose.
> I don't need XForms to handle forms well. I can do it with Cocoon very
> well or even use this Forms Processor, we've been talking about.

Yes. I think that Cocoon 2 is the best tool for web application
implementation and form handling, but anyway you'll need some special
taglibs or so to describe your forms.

> > One thing is bad with XForms - it has no implementations (or maybe I
> > know?).
> Exactly.
> > I don't like SchemoX in its current state - it's too complicated to use
> > requires a lot of programming while several things could be done
> > declaratively. But they have workflows and application. And they have a
> > working implementation.
> Working more or less :-)


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