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From "Peter Nuetzel - inglobo" <>
Subject Re: [C2]trouble with XInclude
Date Thu, 26 Apr 2001 15:04:18 GMT
after digging a bit in the cocoon dev list and examining the cocoon.xconf
file i found how to switch of the XIncludeSAXConnector which is responsible
for automatic XInclude processing.

i simply commented out the following line in the cocoon-xconf file:
i think better would be to change the sax-connector to

there is a bug in the XIncludeTransformer resolving XInclude URLs
relatively to the referring document (i will eventually fix it)

- peter

-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Peter Nuetzel - inglobo <>
An: <>
Datum: Donnerstag, 26. April 2001 13:31
Betreff: [C2]trouble with XInclude

>i've checked out a new version of C2 yesterday and experienced some
>with XInclude:
>my former working XInclude expression didnt work any longer:
>  <xinclude:include xmlns:xinclude=""
>          href="aFile.xml#xpointer(/foo/bar)" parse="xml"/>
>examing the logfile I saw that the XInclude tag is automatically
>evaluated - but not applying the current official XInclude syntax. Instead
>it uses a syntax similar to the sitemap aggregation tag <map:part> as
>applied in the sample /docs/samples/xsp/aggregate.xsp.
>In my former checkout of Cocoon2 I used the XIncludeTransformer to process
>Xinclude. I explicitly applied a xinclude transformation in the sitemap to
>do so (...<map:transform type="xinclude"/>...), which was a fine solution
>for me. But now Xinclude is automatically processed (which didnt work
>appropriately) and the transformer gets no more Xinclude tags :-(
>So I have some general questions regarding the sitemap:
>- when are special XML tags like XInclude, XSL or XSP are automatically
>processed and when do i need to specify their processing in the sitemap
>- if those special tags are automatically processed - is there a
>possibility to switch it off?
>Thanks in advance,
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