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From "Tagunov Anthony" <>
Subject Re: How do get URL line params in logicsheet?
Date Mon, 19 Mar 2001 18:14:52 GMT
Hello :-)

>Now that I have the logicsheet working by removing the 
><?cocoon-process type="xsp" ?> processor tag, 
errr, you mean after removing <?cocoon-process type="xslt" ?> ;)

>I no longer 
>am able to pass parameters on the url >line 
>(myxmlfile.xml?param1=foo&param2=bar) and have access 
>to them via <xsl:param>.

Well, a logicsheet surely shouldn't use them to build an xsp
page otherwise we would have to recompile the page
on every request! 

>I suppose this makes sense since it's no longer being processed 
>by the xslt processer.  
You can get access to them not only in the xsl processor

>How can I get these params via 
>the xsp processor?

Look at the xsp/lib-page.xml sample. It makes an extensive use
of the 'request' taglib. It doesn't show how to use 
<request:get-parameter> tag, but basicly it is
like this
request:get-paramete name="aaa" default="bbb" as="string"/>

>thanks in advance,

By the way, the guidlines
discourage use of 'HTML or "Stylelized" email'-s to the list.
I positively find this remark usefull, as in my e-mail client
the HTML-ed email look ugly (i use PMMail 2000). And they
break the style (most of other emails i read have plain text

Best regards, 
   Tagunov Anthony

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