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From "Tagunov Anthony" <>
Subject Re: util:include + xsp problem
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2001 16:19:00 GMT
On Fri, 16 Mar 2001 10:02:15 +0000, JP Moresmau wrote:

>At 22:00 15/03/2001 +0300, Anthony wrote:
>><?cocoon-process type="xsp"?>
>><?xml-logicsheet href="a.xsl"..?>
>><?xml-logicsheet href="b.xsl"..?>
>>(you may well add emracing <xsp:page> 
>>and other xsp code
>>in a.xsl, b.xsl, or put it directly in the source file,
>>as you prefer)
>Thanks very much, but in a way this is still breaking the model: I don't
>want any of the content editors to even see a xml-logicsheet instruction, I
>want to manage that relationship somewhere else. 

So do i! Hence the discussion of how to _include_ some .xml file
inside <xsp:page>...some..other..stuff..-here-...</xsp:page> was about!
The best we could come up was xsl function document in a logicsheet or
xml external entities

>Coccon 2 has the great  concept of a sitemap,


> I'll have to investi1gate if something like this is
>possible but I'm afraid not...

Bad news: XSPGenerator being a generator needs
to be the first one in the pipeline, so you still have
no better way to aggregate xml code _PRIOR_ to
xsp processing.

Good news #1: no <?...?>  (that may confuse content
writers) any more needed in the source document.
Good news #2: there was (still is?)  a plan on XSP 1.1 that
will allow ommiting <xsp:page> around your code.
Then the content writer would be just happy.

>I remember trying the document function but not managing to get a "dynamic"
>path to be build, using parameters or variables in the artual argument to

Well, guess it should work, maybe you just tried broken XPath code in your xsl?
Try this again and if it fails do send sources to the list.

>Was I just doing something silly, or is it normal?

I beleive the developers should give there opinion on wether this is good
practice or bad

>In the context of i18n, 

Has the new i18n processor been included into 1.8.2 distribution?
Check out there or in the cvs, maybe it will solve your problems!

>being able to call a language-specifc resource file
>for common words that you don't want to repeat in each XML would be handy,
>as I see loads of people are trying to do that.

Why not? "Anything that floats your boat" -- or so the Cocoon developers say ;-)

best regards, Tagunov Anthony

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