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From "Tagunov Anthony" <>
Subject Re: &euro; (&#128;) :(
Date Wed, 14 Mar 2001 21:16:31 GMT
On Tue, 13 Mar 2001 23:27:38 +0100, Peter C. Verhage wrote:

>I've specified the euro entity in a DTD which I use within my XML page and
>within my stylesheet. I also have some other special characters defined in
>this DTD like &copy; etc.
>They all seem to work fine, when I use &copy; within my stylesheet or
>document I will see this entity back within the generated HTML page. But
>when I use &euro; I just get a little square (in IE and in NS!) something
>like this: [].
>I don't think I've made any mistakes, because I use this DTD for a while
>know, also with old versions of Cocoon, it all worked fine back then. If I
>change <!ENTITY euro "&#128;"> to <!ENTITY euro "&#160;"> I get good

Guess, maybe it should be 
<!ENTITY euro "&#x20A0;">
<!ENTITY euro "&#8352;"> (the decimal equivalent to 20A0)
or, maybe 
<!ENTITY euro "&#x20AC;">
<!ENTITY euro "&#8364;"> (the decimal equivalent)

-- this is the result of searching UnicodeData.txt 
file that i got somehow from the
site (it was not too intuitive to navigate it, and i can't
tell now from what section i got this)

(BTW: those file says that 0x00A2==162 is exactly the CENT SIGN
while 0x0080==128 is some control code)

>(the cent sign), so it has something to do with the &#128; symbol. I've
>tried changing the encoding of the XML document (US-ASCII, UTF-8,
>iso-8859-1), they all don't help a thing.

well, if you had set the encoding to US-ASCII or iso-8859-1
and actuall put a _byte_ with value 128 into your file, then,
probably you would get luck. (That is assuming that in 
US-ASCII or iso-8859-1 the code 128 really denotes euro,
while after &# or &#x a UNICODE value is expected)

>When I look
>at the source of the generated page, I will also see the square, if I change
>the square to &euro; myself, save the page locally and look at it locally it
>will show the euro sign, so it's not a browser/font or whatever problem.
>Does anyone know a solution for this problem?!

Hope this helps!

Best regards, Tagunov Anthony

P.S. Be carefull with other 
>within my stylesheet. I also have some other special characters defined in
>this DTD like &copy; etc.
special characters in your docs! Looks like you should supply there Unicode
codes after &#, not latin-1 ;-)

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