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From Uli Mayring <>
Subject Re: Central repository for taglibs
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 23:01:39 GMT
On Wed, 28 Mar 2001, Jeff Turner wrote:

> Did Jeremy propose one too? I made a proposal
> (, but
> nothing has come of it so far.

Jeremy, Jeff, them Gringos all look the same ;-)

Seriously, it is a good proposal, but the structure of the Cocoon project
is not up to it yet. It would mean a large number of new contributors to
the project, most of them probably less familiar with Cocoon itself than
the current developers. It doesn't matter whether you "officially" do this
outside of the Cocoon project, in every practical sense it will be part of

We need to evolve the administrative side of the Cocoon project some more
before taking a step like this. The good things that have happened:

- we have a set of reference platforms
- we have a patch queue system
- we have links to existing taglibs on the Cocoon website

What still needs to be done:

- for each reference platform one user must be identified to test all the
supplied samples on it with every new release of Cocoon
- one user must be identified, who agrees to test one taglib on one
reference platform with each new release of either taglib or Cocoon. If we
do not find these users, then the taglib is not used widely and should for
the time being kept out of this system
- a communication system has to be established that makes sure taglib
authors are notified of each change within Cocoon, so they can see if it
affects their taglib. Preferably this communication system should not
consist of a subscription to cocoon-dev. Perhaps there could be a
cocoon-changes list.

As for my own taglibs, auth and soap, I'd contribute them to any sensible
system, but I'm not going to test on each of the reference platforms. I
have enough to do to test on my own platform, as I currently have no way
to inform myself on the changes made to Cocoon (the changes.xml file
doesn't contain everything and not in sufficient detail). If there are no
users out there willing to test my stuff on the other reference platforms,
then my taglibs are simply not popular enough and can remain under my
thumb :)


Ulrich Mayring
DENIC eG, Softwareentwicklung

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