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Subject Re: ESQL performance: other alternatives?
Date Fri, 23 Mar 2001 21:52:17 GMT


are you certain your performance issues are with ESQL?  I've been using it
against both Sybase and Oracle databases, and my pages are coming back in
under 2 seconds pretty consistently.  I have one query that returns some
670 rows, and the page comes back in under 15 seconds, which is pretty much
the same time it takes to run that query in a query tool.  I had one page
that was taking 4 minutes and had to spend quite a bit of time figuring out
where the problem was.  Ultimately it turned out to be related to some poor
choices I had made with my XSL transformations, not with the query.

One thing that occurs to me, if queries are taking several seconds and you
are doing several queries, are you using pool connections or supplying
login information for each connection?  Pool connections are probably
faster (and they're darn easy, too).


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Subject:  ESQL performance: other alternatives?

Hi, I have a small system running with Cocoon

XML --> XSP (esql, xinclude,etc) --> XSL --> HTML

My problem is that responses take 10-15 seconds per page.
I have isolated the layers and esql execution is the most expensive. What
happening is that I'm executing several queries - the XSP does that
sequentially -and then the XSL is applied. Even simple queries returning a
few rows take several seconds. Performing the same queries using jdbc and
java code is much faster.

So decided to eliminate esql, I implemented JDBC code and called it from
XSP; the time is better but is still slow since the queries are
in the xsp; besides when I get the results they're recognized by the XSL as
lt;ROWgt;  instead of <ROW> <colData1> etc..

Then, I'd like to explore the following option
- Maybe implementing my own producer and multi-threading the query
executions? but in that case I'd need my producer to read the XML file,
parse it manually using java code and then return the chunk of resulting
indicating the stylesheet? is this a good approach or I might consider
something else?

Suggestions would be really really appreciated. Thanks!

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