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Subject Re: HELP PLEASE!!!
Date Fri, 30 Mar 2001 16:26:34 GMT

As best I can (please correct me who can):
In short, a logicsheet is an xsl stylesheet that is used to transform xml
code during processing by the XSP processor.  Templates in the logicsheet
match "tags" in the xml file, replacing them with any valid XSP code (xml
elements, xsp:logic blocks, other taglib tags).  After all logicsheets
(taglibs) have been applied, all xsp namespace tags are transformed, and
the whole mess is turned into Java code.  This java code is then compiled,
and becomes a producer.  All requests to that URL begin with this producer.
The output of the producer is more XML, with (optionally) processing
instructions to run it through, for instance, the XSLT processor.

Typically, we speak of stylesheets to refer to xsl files that are applied
to xml during the XSLT processing or FO processing steps.  It is not a
logicsheet, because it contains no XSP code or logic, and will not be
turned into a producer.  It just happens that the whole logicsheet
mechanism is implemented using XSLT, which is (I think) a terrific design,
but it does make for some confusion in the absence of documentation.

When you use the esql taglib, you inform XSP of this fact by defining the
namespace.  This matches a line in that tells where the
logicsheet for this taglib can be found.  You can (and should!) look at
this logicsheet in the source tree for cocoon - look for esql.xsl.  You can
also find logicsheets for many other functions, such as request, response,
and session.  You can also write your own taglibs by defining your own
namespace and logicsheet.  You hook your custom taglibs up to your xml
files either by adding a line in, or by using the
<?xml-logicsheet href="file location"?> processing instruction, as well as
defining the namespace as for any other taglib.

I'm hoping to write this up in more complete form soon, but a lot of this
is documented in this URL (accessible from the Cocoon FAQ):


Please respond to


Subject:  HELP PLEASE!!!

Hi Community it's the 3Ā° times that send my question
and nobody reply me!!!! please:

somebody can help meĀ understand the difference
beetween logicsheet and stylesheet????

The logicsheet is used to specify taglib
that is possible to use ?? , for example
when I use XSP processor and ESQL taglib
I specify in my XML document:

<?cocoon-process type="xsp"?>

</xsp:page> I use xsp processor and I include esql logicsheet is this

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