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Subject Re: J2sdk "-server" option degrades (linux)
Date Sat, 17 Mar 2001 17:18:15 GMT


I couldn't find the documentation you were referring to, at least nothing
that obviously indicates a performance degradation when using Hotspot.  If
anything, I found statement after statement promising that server-side
performance would be increased by using the -server flag to invoke Hotspot.
If you have a URL to the particular document you mean, that might be

Does the Cocoon team have a recommendation concerning whether or not to use
the -server flag with Cocoon?  Is performance overall better if we use the
-server flag?  Does it vary based on the types of pages we are serving
(lots of XSP vs. lots of XSLT, etc.)?  On the number of hits?  On...?


Please respond to


Subject:  Re: J2sdk "-server" option degrades (linux)

Steven Punte <> wrote:
>   Has anyone else tried the "-server" run-time
>   option that J2sdk offfers?
>   I see about a 50% increase (YES, the bad direction)
>   of cocoon page execution time.

You do know that this is SUPPOSED to happen, right? See the Hotspot docs at for explanation.

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