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From "Alan Tibbetts" <>
Subject RE: Applying diferente stylesheets to diferent wap browsers
Date Thu, 22 Mar 2001 14:42:31 GMT
:>here are 3 lines from
:>browser.8 = wap=Nokia
:>browser.9 = wap=UP
:>browser.10 = wap=Wapalizer
:>the last word in the line is the name which the browser identify.
:>the word before is that what you can type in the "media"-attribute.
:>So you can differentiate this with "wapNokia", "wapUP", and so on.

We have taken a slightly different approach.  In order to separate the
stylesheets for
the different mobile devices (mainly for configuration management reasons),
we have a directory called 'xsl' in our web context and under that we have
one directory for each device: Nokia7110, MotorolaP7389, etc.  These names
correspond to the user-agent in the Http Header

In our xml sheets (which are obviously XSPs) we dynamically assign
stylesheet references based on the user-agent:

	String stylesheet = (String) session.getAttribute("XSL");

<xsp:pi target="xml-stylesheet">

The attribute 'XSL' is created previously by a JSP Tag that combines the
required stylesheet with the location of that stylesheet, based on the
user-agent, e.g. where the xml page requires the stylesheet: menu.xsl for a
Nokia7110, the generated reference would be:


Alan Tibbetts
Zishi Ltd

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