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From "Jon Brisbin" <>
Subject RE: cocoon in j2ee server?
Date Tue, 13 Mar 2001 13:57:07 GMT

blah> Is the j2ee download a servlet container? From what I've
blah> seen, it is an EJB container, but I didn't find a Servlet
blah> container... Sun refers Tomcat as the reference
blah> implementation, so I bet it's the way to go as far as Servlet
blah> execution.

the current j2ee download from sun has a tomcat 3.0 implementation, but i
can't for the life of me figure out how to configure it :-)

blah> I am currently trying to integrate C2 with jBoss - an open
blah> source EJB container. I didn't find any info on the subject
blah> on C2 docs, so I assume no one has ever done this.

i'm also trying to get jboss/tomcat/cocoon1.8.2 working and i've just almost
got it...

if you use the embeddedtomcat option, tomcat runs in the same VM, which i
really would like, but after replacing parser.jar in JBOSS_HOME/lib with
xerces 1.2, i get a resource not found error on the logicsheets listed in though they're in the classpath environment
variable, in the JBOSS_HOME/lib/ext directory (cocoon.jar) and in the
TOMCAT_HOME/lib directory!  i also can't figure out how to make tomcat and
jboss run in separate VM's...there's no documentation on how to do this
because the assume you'll want to do the opposite for performance
reasons...not sure what i'm missing here :-)

i spent ALL day yesterday wrestling with this and would like to get it
going...i'd rather not have to use jrun, though i've used it before and it
really is a killer's just too blamed expensive!!


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