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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: Memory problem
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2001 11:23:35 GMT wrote:
>Hello Robin,
>Thursday, March 08, 2001, 3:10:23 AM, you wrote:
>RG> Yes - unfortunately that change has been reversed now (although it is 
>RG> like that in the latest release) because it caused a serious bug when 
>RG> parameters were actually being used by the stylesheet.
>Currently I also have some problems with that. I mean we've [my
>company] developed cocoon based intranet solution and "in some cases" it
>crashes JServ which just stops responding. The worst thing is it don't
>write anything into logs. Do you think it can be the result of that bug?

Yes, it could be. Some JDKs have known bugs which cause them to simply crash 
instead of throwing an error when they run out of memory.

But the most important thing is to get your memory configuration right. If 
you don't do that, no amount of bug fixes will prevent problems. See

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