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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: faq: cache / java.exe
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2001 18:54:35 GMT
James Cummings <> wrote:
>Ok, this is probably a faq but I couldn't find an answer in the faq (or
>installation docs) so thought I'd ask, apologies for what is probably
>a frequent question.
>I've got apache/tomcat/cocoon(1.8) installed under winNT with apache and
>tomcat running as services.  If I look at the NT Task Manager, when
>tomcat starts up java.exe is using 10732K of memory.  Then, everytime
>cocoon processes a file the amount java is using jumps significantly,
>even if it is a tiny file.

This doesn't necessarily mean Cocoon is wasting a lot of memory. It is 
probably just to do with temporary objects (especially DOM objects). Java 
garbage collection removes them - eventually - but doesn't (yet) return the 
free memory to the operating system.

>  Obviously on my 64Meg Ram system this
>soon has a noticeable effect!

You can reconfigure the maximum RAM available to the JVM using 
system-dependent command-line options. Check your JDK tool docs for more 

>  Now I've tried turning off profiling,
>I've disabled page caching, and lowered the amount in store.freememory
>and store.heapsize to see if that would do any good.

You should increase store.freememory not decrease it.

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