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From "Brown III, Robert" <>
Subject RE: There appears to be an XML-to- HTML formatting problem on my server...
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 02:38:10 GMT

>What you need to do is just change the servlet to not request the file 
>through cocoon. I'm not sure which example you're referring to but it
>be easy enough to modify it to read a file directly instead of using http. 
>Absolute file:// URLs usually work with either 3 or 4 leading slashes 
>(although I believe 4 is technically the correct number on Unix, and 3 on 
>Windows.). Or you could use a FileInputStream.

   Actually, I tried that prior to going on this mailing list. I rewrote
parts of the Xalan servlet example program so that it opened a local file
using a FileInputStream.

   The result was really bizarre. When my servlet attempted to open the XML
file for processing browsers behaved as if the XML file was a data file to
be downloaded.

   I tried a number of tricks to try to stop this behavior, but nothing
worked. That is why I took the approach of attempting to get Cocoon to stop
referencing the nonexistent DTD. The other approach had failed miserably.

   I began reading the Cocoon "documentation", and looking into the file. After a while it became clear that I would have to
join this mailing list if I was going to get any answers.

   But the bottom line is that I did try accessing the XML file directly,
using file:// and with direct pathnames. The Xalan example simply does not
work unless you use http to access the files. Xerces works without problems;
I have a number of working Xerces- based servlets that I use without
problems from Cocoon or anywhere else. It is when I use Xalan that I am
forced to use http to access files, and then I have these Cocoon- related
problems that make no sense.

   It is looking more and more like I may have to scrap Xalan and find some
other low- level  means of doing XSLT outside of Cocoon. In any event,
thanks for your help. It just looks like the only way to solve my problem is
to dump Xalan.


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