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From "Brown III, Robert" <>
Subject RE: There appears to be an XML-to- HTML formatting problem on my server...
Date Tue, 27 Mar 2001 00:35:47 GMT

>HTML would not be the correct DTD, because you are not outputting a
>HTML document. Right?

That isn't the point.

The point is that Cocoon clearly is not including the so- called "default"
DTD that is specified in the file. It is including some
other DTD that not only doesn't exist, but isn't even specified anywhere in
the file!

>That should be
><xsl:template match="processing-instruction()">
><xsl:copy-of select="."/>
Thank you. I have changed the XSL file accordingly.

>In future, I suggest you check your XSLT is conformant against the spec at 
> before assuming that there must be a Cocoon bug.
Again: you miss the point. The "bug" that I am seeing is that Cocoon is not
following the specifications made in the file. According
to what little there is in the documentation describing it, the default
text/html formatter is supposed to include, in its output header, whatever
is specified for formatter.text/html.doctype-public and
formatter.text/html.doctype-system. Cocoon is not doing that when its
default kicks in. Correct me if I am wrong, but it sounds like a bug to me!

>Then why don't you use <?cocoon-format type="text/xml"?> ?

Again: the point is that it doesn't matter what instruction I give; Cocoon
ignores it and uses a "default" formatter that does not conform to what *I*
specified it should be. 

And besides: as far as Cocoon is concerned, yes, I want XML. Ultimately,
however, the output is supposed to be HTML -- which Cocoon is interfering
with. Furthermore, the third section of my message was just FYI. The problem
is one of Cocoon interacting with a servlet that is using Xalan -- something
outside the scope of these discussions (according to you). Consequently,
there is no need to get into this area. 

>Cocoon 1 is not _designed_ to interact with other servlets (and I stress
>word designed). That doesn't mean it can't, in fact it works rather well
>some people, it just means there are a number of problems, some of which
>well-known and can be worked around. Cocoon 2 will be slightly better with 
>its content aggregation etc.

Again: My third section was FYI. In case you didn't know, the words FYI mean
"For Your Information". That is all that section was. There is nothing there
for you to address, and frankly since by your own admission you do not know
Xalan, there really isn't a lot of advise you can give me in that area --
and I wasn't asking for any.

I know precisely what is happening. Again *FYI*: the problem is in the Xalan
servlet example code and the way it accesses the XML file. It does so in a
way that causes Cocoon to kick in when it shouldn't. That particular problem
is an Xalan problem and should be addressed by the Xalan people.

The problem I am having with Cocoon is that when it does kick in it
references a nonesistant DTD that is not specified anywhere in the file. That is what I am asking about here. That is the
*only* problem I am asking advise on.

>Then use <?cocoon-format type="text/xml"?> That will remove the DTD 

No it will not. Because I changed it and it hasn't. Cocoon is still putting
in what it wants, ignoring the XSL changes made, the processing instruction,
and (more important) the file.


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