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From Krzysztof Zielinski <>
Subject How to run Cocoon1 on Tomcat 4 NOT in webapps/ROOT?
Date Thu, 08 Mar 2001 16:38:45 GMT

      I'm preparing Cocoon Development Kit.
      I have prepared C2 on T4 Catalina in his own directory eg
      First CDK distribution will be available soon.

      I'm trying to run Cocoon 1.8 with Cocoon2 on the the same server
      Tomcat 4.

      I have problem because I can't run Cocoon1 in his own directory
      eg webapps/cocoon1 on Tomcat4.

      I can run Cocoon1 on Tomcat4 when I put all Cocoon1 jars in
      Tomcat4/libs, and put Cocoon1 in webapps/ROOT. In this case I
      can't use Cocoon2.

      So I need a solution which let me to run Cocoon1 and Cocoon2 on


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